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Project WHOIS is part of DomainTools' 10-year effort to create a free online worldwide Whois database directory.

What is Project Whois and why is it important?

When ICANN adopted the current Whois protocol in 1998 it only accounted for local storage of domain name Whois data at the registrar or registry level. The Internet has grown exponentially since then, and yet domain ownership information remains hidden away in decentralized database repositories.

There is great value (and convenience) to having this data in one searchable database, with applications to internet security, trademark protection, legal research and owner contactability. We've created Project WHOIS to solve this problem and we're asking for your help in this effort.

How can you help?

Much like how the SETI@Home project uses tiny fractions of computer CPU in a massively distributed framework in order to search for extra-terrestrial life, Project WHOIS does likewise to search for Whois records. By downloading Project WHOIS today you become part of this greater effort. As a thank-you we're giving you a free desktop-based tool which allows one-click access to the Project WHOIS database. This free tool lets you view the owners of the sites you are visiting.

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How does it work?

The free app gives users one-click access to see the owners of each site they visit (in IE or Firefox currently) on demand, as well as allowing discrete Whois lookups anytime. By keeping the app in the system tray, it is unobtrusive to a user's browsing yet also conveniently accessible anytime. The app does not track a user's habits nor does it contain any personally identifying information whatsoever.